At Gilco Spring, we appreciate each and every piece of feedback we get from our customers. Check out some of our latest comments below:

Patrick, Todd, and Alex,

Thank You so much for taking time from your busy schedules to spend time with Myself, David, and Giovanni! We were very impressed with your Machines and Equipment and the Quality, Speed, Intricacy of the springs you produce. We so enjoyed the Tour, you have a Great Company, Warm and Friendly Staff. Very Attractive Work Place and a Quality Environment.


This looks really good. Thanks for all your hard work on cutting the financial impact to 'customer'.

Good morning Todd,

On the 'part number', I would like to personally Thank you And the team for your efforts on this , I will be meeting with Patrick next week and one of the things we will be discussing is the great Team that he has and how on numerous occasions since I have been here that you have gone above and beyond , This is a partnership that I am looking forward to expanding.

Keep up the great work and have a wonderful weekend.


I am sure that I speak of everyone in this email when I say that we absolutely love working with you and your team! May you and your families also have a very Merry Christmas and an awesomely Blessed New Year!